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I was tagged to do this meme:…
And I'm not one to turn down a challenge.. >>




- Adele D'Lune
- Ronnie Richardson
- Asag

(I thought it would be fun because I never use these three for memes.)


1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the hell each other is?

Adele: I am Adele D'Lune, fortune teller and illusionist.. nice to meet you~

Ronnie: Ronnie Richardson sir or ma'am! :heart: And that is Adele.. my one and only true love!

Adele: Don't.

Asag: Asag, grand master scientist and genius~!

2) Great, great. So. Ever gotten a blowjob?

Adele: A.. blow.. job? 

Ronnie: *COUGHSPUTTER* NO! I have respect for all women! D:

Asag: Pff, of course I have! My genitals are legendary, child!

3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?

Adele: When nobody else is looking..? Heavens, I barely have any alone time.. 

Ronnie: I like to dance ballet.. I would do it in public but people point and laugh! D;

Asag: Removal of the genitals. Not my own, of course~

4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?

Adele: I carry no shame whatsoever~ *lies*

Ronnie: I'm ashamed that I constantly go after a woman that is taken, oh the agony! The despair! *lies*

Asag: Hm.. Afraid not~ Except perhaps Kenshin. Though he's not really a secret.

5) Got any ultra-quirky kinks?

Adele: When you have lived as long as I with a man like Adrian.. *covers face* This is completely inappropriate! I refuse to answer such a thing!

Ronnie: Not really, I just like girls (or boys) to be themselves~<3

Asag: I've done it all, mate! From bondage to--


6) Within the last month, how many people have you done questionable acts with?

Adele: My acts are not questionable, everything I do has a purpose.. I'm afraid I do not understand the question.

Ronnie: Only one! My dear, sweet Adele~ She.. touched my hand! *GIGGLESQUEAL*

Asag: Quite a few, but not as many as before, I'm afraid... but ah well~ Duties are duties~

7) Do you love me? I love you.

Adele: Well I love you too, dear~:heart:

Ronnie: I LOVE YOU TOO! :D

Asag: ... ?

8) Are you hurt because I lied in that last question?

Adele: Fuck you, too.


Asag: No.

10) What is the one things that sets you off so much that you'll go from docile to rabid squirrel monkey in 12 seconds?

Adele: Adrian. Xavier. Sinister.

Ronnie: Well, I'm generally a happy person so, nothing really~! :heart: ... IF one of you bitches touched Ethan I'll fucking cut you.

Asag: *sigh* I do so hte it terribly when someone steps foot in my lab.. ah well~ I like to hang the remains on the walls, regardless! I feel it brightens up the place~

11) Who the hell are you people? Why are you in my house? Are you even people? Get outta my stuff!

Adele: Just looking through the closet, darling~ You have horrible taste, by the by, but that is easily fixed~

Ronnie: B-but I.. I! ;A;

Asag: Oh! You've arrived! Someone, fetch me the hacksaw~ 

12) Does rain filter down through your handsome volcano rocks to create a wild mineral water that's tasty for the ladies?

Adele: I.. I.. what?


Asag: Every day~

13) I'm going off track a little. Um. How many people have seen you bare-ass nekkid?

Adele: These questions are completely inappropriate! My goodness! Have some dignity!

Ronnie: My mommy.. she has to help me wash my back in the shower-- now I have to do it myself.. ;-;

Asag: I have no shame in nudity, most people have~

14) How lovely. Have you ever wanted to smoke crack? Are you a crackhead?

Adele: ... How does one "smoke crack"? I have never smoked, mind you.

Ronnie: Well...

Asag: Crack? I smoke a pipe, my good sir.

15) Are you wondering how many more of these questions you must endure?

Adele: Yes.

Ronnie: FUN FUN FUN!

Asag: I'm quite enjoying this~

16) What's the strangest thing you've ever licked?

Adele: Once I made a bet with Adrian.. my tongue stuck to a frozen pole.. I lost.. 

Ronnie: My dog. I was giving him a bath. :meow: 

Asag: ... Someone needs to give that child therapy.. 

17) How many people have you confided in about your contamination with SuperAIDS?

Adele: I'll have you know that I am clean and in perfect health, thank you.


Asag: Such mortal diseases have no effect on me~

18) There is no question 18.

Adele: Well, this is rather useless.

Ronnie: B-but-- ;A;

Asag: How unfortunate.

19) Have you ever considered a fetish?


Ronnie: Sure, whatever that is! :D

Asag: I wrote the book! Literally! *holds up laminated book* Copyright Asag, ladies~

20) This mindless torture is over. Does this make you shit your pants in glee?

Adele: I do not wear pants.. even so.. I am content, and my underwear is not soiled.

Ronnie: Aw.. And we were having fun, too! D:

Asag: Ah well, all's well that ends well~


I tag Chiakikat~ Double tag~

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